© 2005 Honor Marks
Venus Flytrap
oil on canvas
24" x 36"

This painting is one of three created upon receiving the Michael and Donna Griffith Lowcountry Artist Award. The pieces celebrate endangered plant species native to the South Carolina lowcountry.

"The world is never going to be, in human time, more intact than it is at this moment. Therefore it falls to those of us alive now to watch and record its flora, its fauna, its rains, its snow, its ice, its peoples. To document the buzzing, glorious, cruel, mysterious planet we were born onto, before in our carelessness we leave it far less sweet." -Bill McKibben, Grist Magazine, used by permission

The venus flytrap, a meat-eating plant, has a hinged leaf which when triggered by an insect will snap closed. The trap then secretes juices which digest the insect before reopening to wait for new prey. The only places in the entire world where the venus flytrap grows are three coastal counties in North and South Carolina.